My Journey from Basic Programmer to Full-Stack MERN Developer – Mishael Ezekiel

nHub foundation a place where you build yourself all round. My name is Misheal Ezekiel a 500 level Computer Science student of Abubakar Tafawa Balewa University Bauchi. I came to Nhub foundation as an intern to fulfill the requirements by ITF for all undergraduates. Have heard in several places about Nhub being a tech hub so I decided to join them as they are the only tech hub in Plateau that will teach me programming from the very basic to advance.

But Little me with basic knowledge and fundamentals about programming decided to give it a try and decided to unlearn what I already know about programming so I can relearn again and basically since I have 1 year for my internship. I started learning again at the hub from instructors assigned the first few weeks wasn’t so easy at all as we were having classes both morning and evening which is what I like and really what I hoped for. The learning was intensive for weeks as one of our instructors and now my Mentor Mr. Sunday Ishaya never made it easy for us, since we all wanted to learn he made the learning compulsory for all interns lols. Few weeks into the learning and internship program we were introduced to pitch Friday where we learn to pitch ideas to investors I never knew what it meant until when Mr. Bashir Sheidu explained it to us and the benefits, I didn’t take it for granted as it’s one of the skills have wanted to learn before going back to school. I learned to build my confidence in what am selling to a client through pitching, learned how to give the client more reason to use the solution that I am providing as a software developer and as well as I was pitching those ideas I was building the products luckily for me it has always been group projects and my team has always been doing great at it. We pitched several ideas and also built the products to those ideas, months passed into the internship program and the learning continued and as well my confidence in what am doing was growing as well as my skills in programming improving daily.

New students were coming from different institutions to the hub to also fulfill the same requirements by ITF luckily for me I was assigned to mentor and accelerate some of them, it wasn’t easy at first for me to teach them basically from nothing to them knowing programming basically putting all the knowledge in my head into theirs as I was taught. the first few days passed by and I could do it, since then teaching new interns as always been my drive at the hub so passing the knowledge in me to them was fun as I enjoyed doing it day and night.

I became the new assistant intern general at the hub after the passed one, I was making sure all activities of the interns at the hub went smooth building a solution for the hub in other to enable new students to apply for an internship at the hub.
Not only did I come to the hub to learn to program I also learn to trade the most profitable market in the world which is the Forex Market it was a dream come true.

So many experiences gained at the hub from meeting people that have impacted my life positively in the tech world and the lives I have impacted by teaching and introducing new technologies from different schools and backgrounds.
From little knowledge about programming to being a full-stack MERN developer
From zero knowledge about the forex market to now a profitable forex trader
And now am head of training at Obaforex Global Trading and a web developer as well at the company.

All thanks to Mr. Bashir Shiedu, Mr. Eric Nanle, Mr. Sunday Ishaya, and the entire management of nHub Foundation and nHub Nigeria for building my confidence in what I do. And to any student out there looking for a place to be engaged in the tech world nHub Foundation is the best place to be as you will learn what it takes to be a software engineer and to be a tech-savvy person

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